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Hydroseeding and Erosion Control
Hydroseeding and Erosion Control



Since your new lawn will appear to have a crust, it will be easy to see when it looks dry. Water preferably in the morning and in the evening if necessary. The first 21 days for any lawn is crucial, as the seedlings should not be allowed to dry out. This will slow or stop the growth. The green fibre mulch when moist will maintain the moisture thorough the heat of the day. Using a sprinkler works best. Water well or not at all! A light watering will encourage shallow rooting and will weaken the the lawn.



Weed control products should not be used on new lawns. Our hydro-seed mixture will provide enough seed to develop a thick, lush lawn that will choke out weeds. However, weeds can appear from seeds that have laid dormant in the soil or have been carried in by birds or wind. Weed control products should not be used on new lawns until they are well established. Weed control should not be used for the first 60 days.

Grass that is properly watered, mowed and fertilized provide too much competition for weed plants to gain a good stronghold.

Care Instructions


Your HYDROSEED application already has a fertilizer mixed into the mulch. This process will give your lawn a jump start. Since a percentage of fertilizer will leave the mulch and leach into the ground. It is a good idea to use slow release fertilizer after your lawn is well established. Fertilizing should be done again at 6 weeks. Fertilizing should be done 3-4 times per year to maintain a healthy lawn.

HydroLawn uses various types of high quality turf blend seeds. Follow these instructions and your hydro-seeded lawn will be beautiful and lush for years to come.



Your lawn can be mowed as soon as the grass is about 2.5 inches high.(around 5 weeks) The ground should be dry. Mowing will stimulate more growth. To avoid scalping of the new grass blades, never cut more than the top one third of the grass. Avoid mulching mowers until the lawn has been cut 5 or 6 times. During the fast growing periods, it is okay to mow the lawn at least once a week.


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